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National Border Police seized ten tons of banned chemical fertilizer ammonium nitrate that is used in making explosives by terrorists in the eastern Torkham border.  The person linked to this was arrested on the spot.

Asadullah, a resident of Gharaba area of Nawah district, said that life under the control of Taliban is like in prison: “but we are now happier that they have been defeated by the government forces.”

The construction of three bridges began in Herat city. These bridges will be built in the fifth and eighth regions of Herat city and will be worth 16 million Afghani, according to the Herat Provincial Council.

Farmers in Helmand are enjoying an increase in melon and watermelon this year. They are exporting these goods to other provinces from Lashkar Gah.

A three-week long cricket tournament was launched by Zabul cricket board with the goal fighting against drugs and motivating youths for sport and work.

When reading materials can be costly, daily chores take up our time, and technology distracts us, it can be hard to commit to reading a book. However, significant efforts have been undertaken over the years to encourage a culture of reading among our people and particularly, our youth.

After conducting a large clearance operation, the ANDSF continues to secure the Nawah district in Helmand province.

A large clearance operation conducted by the ANSF, and supported by International Forces, to clear the areas in Nawah district of Helmand province is advancing, according to Colonel Ghulam Wali Afghan, Commander of 3rd battalion of Border Police.

There is strong belief that leadership development of National Police is a vitally important step in law enforcement and ensuring security. The Ministry of Interior takes this issue very seriously and it is priority of the ministry to continue capacity building program in order to improve professionalism at every level of National Police, especially in leadership level.

Thirst for learning among the new generation gives hope for a brighter future in Afghanistan.  More than 17000 high school graduates, including over 2000 females, participated in the university entrance exam in the eastern Nangarhar province.


The Kandahar police training center has trained thousands of police over the last decade. This center has produced many young and strong commanders, like General Raziq and others that are still working for the better future of Afghanistan. The commitment of these policemen has encouraged others to stand up and protect their country as well.

KDR police training center


Unity among people and security forces brings achievements in improvement of tranquility, fighting against enemies of peaceful Afghanistan and counter narcotics efforts.

GEN Rahman Rahimi


About one week ago, a new police Chief and 505th Police Boost Zone commanders appointed in Helmand province.


HMD Photo Civilians and provincial councils in Helmand support new security officials 1


Officials say construction and asphalting of an important road started in Zabul province and will be completed in the next four months.

Zabul Road Const

The Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat held an Advisory meeting with the members of more than 40 local councils, elders and youths Sunday.

Helmand Advisory Gathering

The Public Relation of Ministry of Finance today 5th July 2017 Launched an Academic Seminar on Analysis of Financial Situation of Afghanistan and the achievements of this Ministry in the last two years at Mashal Private University in continuation to the academic seminars at government and private universities.


The ANDSF with support from the NATO air force conducted an extensive operation on Monday night (03 July 2017) over the Taliban locations in Nawah district of Helmand province last night Abdulghafar Safi the police headquarters said.

Helmand Fatilities

ANA Equipment

Sada-e-Azadi recently spoke with members of the ANDSF to ask how they feel about serving.

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