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CBR-pay scale exams evaluation method important, President Ghani


President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a meeting of the High Council of Administrative Reforms, said the method of pay scale exams for Capacity Building Reforms (CBR) was too important, his office said in a statement Tuesday.

Palace Appreciating the efforts of the related organs for the employment process, the president said “Now we have a clear and transparent picture of the CBR and that the amendment and renewal of the procedure was a good work, but the method of the evaluation of the exams was important as well.”
According to the statement, the president said the method of exam for employment should be transparent, goal-oriented and corresponding to the requirements and that the capacity of those being employed should be risen and most importantly works should be focused on directorial capacity.
The president said the capacity of the contract personnel of the ministries should be evaluated in term of education, experience and perceptions and a plan should be offered in this field in the next meeting of the high council for reforms, said the statement.
He said recruiting of the individuals should lay impact on the revenues and consumptions and the entire related organs have to provide information to share with the high council for reforms, if needed, the statement quoted.
“The general standards of the reforms and employment process are, transparency, women share and acceleration of the employment process,” said the president adding the universities should be standardized as well and should train their cadres based on the country’s requirements