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Over one million Afghans likely to return home by next year, President Ghani


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said more than one million Afghans are expected to return home by next year, as the number is rising each day of reaching to over 6,500 from Pakistan and Iran, his office reported.

presidential palaceHe said they (the Afghan refugees) are under pressure as their number rises in the hosting countries, and his government has full preparation to address their needs within proper programs, according to the statement.
A team has been appointed to share the issue with the European countries under the international immigration laws and other laws, to help provide the ground for their repatriation, said the president as quoted in the statement adding the government of Afghanistan and the international partners have provided a joint statement, the contents of which would be shared with house members of commissions.
The heads of the house of people commissions also spoke about the challenges faced by the Afghan refugees in the European countries, saying those Afghans failed to complete the migration conditions should be helped return home, under the country’s laws and that a joint statement had been prepared with the European Union to act based on the norms of the migration, the statement added.