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We can build


Conference on awareness and integration of Saemaul Undong in the rural development of Afghanistan was conducted in the Inter – Continental hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan.

 On the conclusion of National Solidarity Program and inauguration of Citizen Charter Conference H.E. Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development spoke on the major differences, responsibilities and construction of village and urban through new program, in the trust of National Unity Government he thanked and appreciated the National Unity Government for realization of Citizen Charter National Program.
Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development expressed the goals of conference and integration process of Saemaul Undong (New Village Movement) in the direction of civil prosperity and similarities of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Republic of Korea, he demanded from the Participant of conference which the participants were from Ministries various sectors and CDC’s to start with the positivism slogan “we can build” specially in the Citizen Charter National Program in order to eliminate thoughts of desperation in the implementation of projects from villagers.
Minister expressed examples of development process of Republic of Korea, wealth of every country is their own people at this moment he gained more attention of CDC’s to reinforce the cooperation spirits of CDC’s and to use available resources effectively and efficiently, accountability and transparency should be known as our valid target.
In his speech he mentioned the relation to new elections of CDC’s, Mobilization of sincere individuals, loyal, unity, and responsive the roles of women for implementation of Korean models and ended with the repeat of slogan “we can build our homeland”.
Mr. Mukhtar Ghafarzoy executive director of Afghanistan institute of Rural development, spoke about the outline of the conference and its positives effects and improve the lives of citizens, he acknowledged the valuable roles of CDC’s, and attracted further attention of CDC’s cooperation’s development.
Mr. Ayo Dong Hyun, deputy ambassador of Korea Republic in Kabul, also given hope, spirit of self-help and confidence is an important circumstance to achieve the goal, and he promised the cooperation of his country.
CDC’s participants from all around Afghanistan is witnessed that the people have confidence in self-help welcoming the new village movement program, the MOU between South Korea and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development can take special place, in the condition that Citizen Charter National Program started newly, and the distances between rural and urban will be decrease.