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Youths, the future rulers of the country


Afghanistan lost nearly everything from last thirty years war and that ruined the life of youths among the buildings, roads, parks and some other important places, but by the help of US and international community, Afghanistan got everything back, like its roads, buildings, parks and other important place and now youths are being trained in different parts and occupations by the US embassy and some other international organizations.

Recently, the US embassy had project to train students of journalism and law in five big provinces of Afghanistan, like Parwan, Herat, Mazar, Nangrahar and Kandahar. This training was about leadership, management, international relations and some other. The aim of this seminar was training students in these subjects so they have good understanding about leadership, management along with good understanding about international relations.
The trainer of workshop, Ali Ahmad, is from Wadan organization that had the project to apply in Kandahar, he says that this project is being applied by the US embassy in five provinces of Afghanistan. The aim of this workshop is giving understanding to the students about leadership and management to public and private universities students in Kandahar. He says that it was important to give this workshop to these students because according to him, they had no clear idea about leadership and management in the beginning but now, they have enough understanding about these subjects.
Mr. Ali Ahmad added, “When first day we started this workshop so students had no clear idea about management or leadership but now if you ask them I am sure they will give you enough information about these subjects. This 125 students are going to pass this understanding to other students in their universities and classes too.”