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Meeting of civil society members for the support of ANSF and Afghan government


The comradeship with government, righteous advices for government responsible and enlightening the mind of public and giving the spirit of patriotism are the cases where civil societies play relevant role. Therefore civil activists occasionally organize gatherings unless to exercise above cases and besides this to carry on some other positive activities for the amendment of the society.  

Civilians KST

A social activist in Khost province Speen Gul Noorzai says, the creation of civilization in society results for the improvement of the society and to have changes in different parts.

He says, though there is much need but the establishments of civil societies done much considerable work for eliminating the gap between government and people, enlightening the mind of public, modernizing the people, assistance with government, supporting the security forces, supporting youths which resulted for positive changes in the society.

Mr. Rawan earlier says, “Civil society has much value and they can revoke much problems with direct assistance with government and giving sound idea for the people. Government and International Community need to take action for boosting the civil society and while this work took place it’s possible to have a strong and cordial civil society and more of problems will be sort out at right time”.

Rahmanullah Naseem a civil and social activist and the head of a civil society foundation, he also calls the role of civil society very effective and besides this he calls the cicil activists to take action for tightening the pillars of the government.

According to his statement, civil society is the intellectuals and scholarly aspect of the society in this regard they can do much thing for tightening the security rather than any other persons, to create the spirit of patriotism in the youths, to tie the government and people and to take action for figuring out the social, economic and other problems.

He says, “It’s our religious job to support the government and to work for strengthening the government. To understand people to stand beside the security forces. And let sound idea be given and to take action for solving different problems of the society”.

According to his statement, if civil activists knew their own responsibilities they can do much things and besides knowing own responsibility they should take quick steps for sorting out the problems of the society.

Mean time another youngster and a social activist Atiqullah Soranay also talks about the role of civil society and says, the civil activists are the representatives of the people. Civil society and state having non-cutting relation and they should work together unless to be diagnosed the problems of people and government and to take serious and quick steps for sorting out these problems.

He believes, civil society plays as a role of bridge between government and people, provides opportunity for mutual agreement and find solutions for all of those problems which exist in society or lies between government and people.

He says, “The role of civil society is relevant, and they can do much things which need to be done. I am confident that civil society has done much effective works in Khost province and this series are still in progress. The civil society needs to do more extra works because in current conditions it’s a necessity and a heavy responsibility”.

In Khost province approximately 80 civil society foundations and establishments exist, which carry on their social activities besides the center and in different districts. They organize cultural gatherings, carry on social works and exercise different programs for enlightening the mind of people.

They also have programs for youngsters, provide free learning courses and having programs for different aspects of the society. There are more than 10 foundation which belong to women, which carry on their activities for figuring out the social and economic problems of the women. They also struggling for the rights of women and also try their efforts for increasing the role of women in social and diplomatic issues.

In the result of continuous efforts of civil society foundations in Khost province relevant changes has been seen and it’s hope that the area of their activities will be further expanded and their activities will be extra effective.