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Afghanistan launches $1 billion Citizens Charter program


The Afghan government on Sunday inaugurated the $1 billion Citizens Charter program in a bid to implement reconstruction and development projects across the country.

The program was inaugurated during a ceremony attended by high level government officials including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah.
Calling the inauguration of the program one of the unity government’s commitments to the Afghan people, Abdullah said the program aims to bring State services to the most deprived parts and citizens of the country.
Abdullah further added that the launch of the program is a record for the government considering the preparations and launch of it within a period of 6 months, insisting that the cooperation of the local residents would be key for its implementation.
Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi said the inauguration of the program is one of the priorities of the government and around $130 million would be contributed by the government, $400 million from Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, and the United States Agency for International Development will contribute $100 million.
He said the Citizens Charter program will cover the whole communities and residents of the country including women, children, poor, disabled, widows, internally displaced people and the refugees.
According to Hakimi, the program aims to reduce poverty in the country and pave the way for the reach of State services to the citizens in its best form.
The officials are saying that the program will ascertain the gaps in National Solidarity program and will improve it under the new Citizens Charter program.