Sun, Oct

New tax assessment software will speed up routines


SIGTASDirector General of Afghanistan Reveune Department Mr. Abdul Rahman Mojahid while cutting the ribbon of the ceremony said that they tried to activate all the module until the second and third quarter of the current year in the MTO.

DG Mujahid added that before activating this module, MTO was performing most of their routines by pens and papers, but after the activating of this system which created beauracracy and wasted the time. After activating this system, the mentioned problems will be solved.

In addition, DG Mujahid thanked the staff of development and expansion unit of the RSSD and promised them that he will help this department in the future as well.

Subsequently, Director of MTO Mr. Subhanullah Fahimi said that the purpose of activating the assessment module in the MTO was to coordinate the daily works of this directorate. He hoped that this assessment module of the SIGTAS will  further help the accouting and calculation parts of the MTO to perform their work by modern and new systems.


Source: MoF