Sun, Jul

“Peace is our happiness”


Haji Ahmadi, addressing Zharay district elders, said that peace brings happiness and a bright future.Afghanistan’s history proves peace can only come through negotiations and awareness, not from brothers fighting brothers.

Kandahar province has seen its share of dark days – but now, ordinary people are tired of war. Religious and civil society leaders have chosen to urge all their brothers and sisters to join them.
“Peace is our happiness and the light of a bright future,” said Haji Ata Mohammad Ahmadi, Head of Kandahar’s Peace Council, as he addressed a meeting of Zharay district elders. “We want all our people to stop fighting with each other. I ask our misguided brothers to think who it is that they are fighting. They are fighting their own family.”

The specially convened peace conference was hosted by both the Peace Council and soldiers of the Afghan National Army. Leader upon leader agreed that the time for fighting is over. Afghan must embrace Afghan, and come together in peace.
“We want peace and a better future for all our people,” said Zharay area commander, Colonel Gholam Hazrat, 205th Hero Corps, Afghan National Army. “Every time an innocent person dies, I want to ask our enemies: ‘why did you do this?’ Our women and children are innocent. I want all our brothers to join us to stop this senseless killing of fellow Muslims and Afghans.”

The assembled elders also agreed to support the upcoming elections, as their democratic right. Haji Ahmadi then asked all Afghans to spread the message of peace.
“I ask all our people to spread the word that Afghans now run this great country of ours. Tell our angry brothers that the bad times are over. Come back to our own land to join the peace we are creating.”