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Taliban Dubai meeting for home-grown solution


Taliban-dubaiFormer Taliban leaders and military commanders, who met in the UAE, have called for the initiation of an intra-Afghan dialogue to end the ongoing conflict, saying their doors were opened to opponents, including the Afghan government, for talks.

Agha Jan Motasim, who was finance minister in the Taliban regime, told Pajhwok Afghan News over the telephone that a number of Taliban former ministers, diplomats and incumbent military commanders and leaders had a meeting in Dubai.

Motasim, who still considers himself a Taliban leader and claims to have retained considerable influence in the movement, said the Dubai meeting was unanimous in agreement to open a dialogue process with the government and other factions, with whom they were in conflict in the past and present.

He said it was fortunate that all participants of the meeting had been stressing the importance of peace efforts for achieving an intra-Afghan peaceful settlement, which he called the most significant solution.
“We have tried in the past as well to reach the main goal of a lasting peace and we remain firmed on that stance,” said Motasim, adding they wanted an end to the destructive war and would support efforts guaranteeing a durable peace in Afghanistan.

He said many conflicts and wars had been resolved through negotiations in the world, including the US-Iran tension, and the conflict in Afghanistan should be resolved the same way.
He said Islamabad had also initiated a peace dialogue with the Pakistani Taliban to arrive at a political solution to the question of insurgency, calling on the Afghans to follow suit.


Source: Pajhwok