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Afghans voted for democracy, peaceful future: Singh


Manmohan Singh and Hamid Karzai  (archive picture)President Hamid Karzai assured Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that his successor would remain a close friend and ally of New Delhi, the Presidential Palace said on Monday.

Singh, who phoned Karzai on Monday, greeted the Afghans over the successful presidential and provincial council elections held on Saturday, the palace said in a statement.
The Indian leader praised Karzai’s leadership and the bravery the Afghan nation showed in rejecting terrorism and voting for the sake of democracy and a peaceful future.

Singh promised his country would continue to standby and support Afghanistan in the future.
Karzai said the unprecedented turnout in Saturday’s elections reflected the optimism of Afghans about their country’s bright future. He hoped the elections in India would also go well and inclusive.

Thanking Singh and his country for continued assistance to Afghanistan, Karzai said: “The people of Afghanistan regard India as their real friend.” He was upbeat the new Afghan president would remain a close friend of India.

Source: Pajhwok