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Professionalism: The key to success


Thousands of ANSF personnel have graduated from the training centres across the country. Most of these facilities have been handed over to the ANSF by ISAF.The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) continue to receive cutting-edge training and equipment to enhance their professionalism.

For over a decade, the international security forces have supported the ANSF in its endeavour to become a strong force that can defend Afghanistan and its people independently.

Besides training, the international troops have been increasing the power of ANSF by providing modern equipment and accessories. In addition, a large number of Afghan officers has been sent to other countries, such as India, Turkey and Germany, for advanced training. Because of all this the Afghan national forces today are able to respond to internal and external threats and maintain the peace and security.

Col Hamidullah Sadiqi is the training director of 6th Zone Border Police in Helmand. He says that during the training police officers also learn to carry out preventive work, they acquire the ability to utilise intelligence and build good relations with the local population, which helps in preventing criminal activity.

“With the support of the International Security Assistance Force, our officers know how to incapacitate the plans of the criminals. A good example is what happened a few days ago: the brother of a small girl wanted to send his sister to conduct a suicide attack in Khanashin district of Helmand province. Fortunately, the police were able to stop the attack. Our forces saved the life of this girl and the lives of many other innocent people,” Sadiqi said.

According to Col Shah Wali Zazy, the training director of ANA 215th Corps in Helmand, thousands of soldiers have graduated from the training centres in the province. “These trainings are versatile. Our troops learn to defuse improvise explosive devices, how to use radio communication equipment, drive different kinds of vehicles, and medical training.”