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ANA gets artillery training centre


Brig Gen Sameh told his men to work hard to win the trust of Afghans.The Afghan National Army’s mission of providing security and stability for the people of Afghanistan took another step forward recently as the Regional Artillery Training Centre, a field artillery training site, opened at Camp Eagle, in Zabul.

Brig Gen Mohammed Akyam Sameh, a field artillery officer of 205th Hero Corps, Afghan National Army, said it was an important day for the Afghan army. “I am so happy to be able to witness this day and take part in something great,” Brig Gen Sameh said. “This is a great day for us, and the Afghan National Army.”

With the help of ISAF, the new training centre will allow ANA soldiers from all brigades across Afghanistan to receive training and instruction in all areas of field artillery.
US Army Lt Col Eric Lopez said the facility was a great example of the ongoing partnership between the ANA and ISAF. “This will allow them to further develop training and become more proficient in the field artillery world,” said Lt Col Lopez. “They have worked hard with us to get to this point, and we look forward to continuing that mentorship and assistance moving forward.”

Brig Gen Sameh thanked Afghanistan’s international partners in security. He gave credit also to how hard the ANA soldiers have been working, including their willingness and responsiveness to their ISAF partners.
“Our relationship with the ISAF should be a symbol for all ANA to look at, we have worked hard for them and they continue to help us and our relationship gets closer every day,” he said.

He had a message for the ANA, as they take the lead in the country’s security. “We must take advantage and the key will be to continue to work hard, and earn the trust of our country, so we can truly provide security and stability.”