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Root out the evil of poppy


Narcotics are harmful for the whole nation as they destroy communities.Afghanistan has long laboured under the burden of illegal drugs. The enemies of Afghanistan use poppy and other illegal drugs as a means to fund their nefarious activities.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is determined that those who break the law, who create misery for Afghanistan’s people, will be brought to justice and punished for their wicked deeds.

In Helmand, Provincial Governor Mohammad Naeem has resolved to set an example: “The cultivation of poppy in our fields and farms only leads to addiction to drugs,” he said. “Our people deserve better. Helmand has developed a bad name in the world for this crime, and I am determined that we will change that.”

As the poppy crop comes to fruition in Helmand’s fields, specialised units from Afghanistan’s security forces, supported by local police officers, are actively searching for and destroying it. “If we don’t work hard to destroy these poppies while they are still in the fields, it will be a much harder task later on,” said Governor Naeem. “Our enemies encourage poppy cultivation, so they can profit from our people’s misery. We will stop that.”

Intelligence agencies and local police chiefs have been instructed to conduct aggressive drug eradication operations across Helmand. “If we find a person who has been growing poppy, we will arrest them and destroy this evil crop,” said one district chief of police. “The plants, the business of narcotics and the sale of drugs are all forbidden in Islam and under the law of Afghanistan. We will enforce the law.”

Most of the religious scholars agree that any substance that can intoxicate is haram according to the teachings of Islam because it harms the individual and destroys the community.