Sun, Jul

Suicide bombing is haram


Ghoseni-Malawi-Mohammad“The Holy Quran makes it completely clear that suicide bombings are sinful,” says Mawlawi Mohammad, an Islamic scholar in Herat City.

"Places such as mosques, schools and bazaars are for our people to benefit from in peace, not in fear. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and we do not support any action which is against Islam.”
His voice is one among many within Afghanistan’s religious leaders, who have joined the people expressing their disgust at enemy’s actions.

Mullah Mawlawi Shayeq, also from Herat, says, “None of us is happy with the people who would plant bombs on roads, under bridges, in schools and mosques. These are all public places. A true Muslim who believes in our holy book and the word of our beloved Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him would never do such a thing.”

All three scholars agree that the best way forward for Afghanistan is to work together with our international colleagues. “The international community helps us to improve our country. Afghanistan needs peace and security. Then we can create jobs for our young people,” said Mullah Shayeq.

The mullahs issued a written edict condemning suicide bombings and the killing of innocent people. They agree that Islam is the religion of peace, and the enemies of Afghanistan misinterpret the religious teachings to misguide gullible people.

Thousands of innocent Afghans, including women and children, have lost their life or limb in acts of violence perpetrated by the enemies of Afghanistan.