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Together towards the future


Haji Abdulqaaher, a vine expert in Parwan, sharing his knowledge and expertise with farmers from Daykundi.Despite attempts by the enemies of peace to divide and hold Afghanistan back from progress, every day there is more and more cooperation among Afghans to build their future. In conjunction with Farmer’s Day, agricultural experts from Parwan and Daykundi provinces met to share ideas and best practices.

This cooperation will build a bond between the farmers as well as increase production.
A large group of Daykundi agricultural workers visited Parwan to learn new skills in vine cutting and high yield gardening. Long known for their expertise in agriculture, the Parwan farmers were more than happy to share their expertise.

The visiting farmers from Daykundi said that they still use many outdated and ancient techniques, which although effective, are not producing the increase in yields they hope to have.
Parwan farmers have perfected several techniques such as the correct way to trim grape vines as well as grafting fruit trees. “Discovering and perfecting new methods of agriculture is the key to developing this sector. We hope that the farmers from Daykundi will take what they learned back with them and make positive changes in their crop yields,” Haji Abdulqaaher, an expert from Parwan, said.

Although they are not close to each other, Parwan and Daykundi share similar terrain and weather patterns.
Habibullah, director of Natural Resources in Daykundi, led the delegation of farmers to Parwan. “We have received assistance from the government, such as seeds and equipment. But this knowledge from other agricultural experts is invaluable. Our Parwani friends have shown us so many new techniques and ways to garden,” he said.

The enemies of peace have recently begun to try and increase their destructive activities in Parwan. Local farmers did not let this dissuade them from pushing forwards and sharing their knowledge and skills with their brothers.