Sun, Oct

Artificial limbs for 1,000 Afghans


artificial-limbsAn Indian organisation will make artificial limbs for 1,000 handicapped Afghans in coordination with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, officials said on Saturday.

An agreement to the effect was inked between the Minister Amina Afzali and DR Mehta, founder and patron-in-chief of Jaipur Foot. Amana Afzali told journalist the Indian organisation had agreed to provide the limb free of cost.
Jaipur Foot will manufacture limbs for those who have lost their legs to roadside bombings, terrorist attacks or polio disease. Afzali hoped the assistance would further consolidate relations between the two countries.

Amar Sinha, the India ambassador, said his country was committed to continued assistance to Afghanistan. Delhi planned to help the disabled technical institute to enable Afghans to produce artificial limbs themselves.

DR Mehta said provision of artificial limbs to 1,000 disabled people would help resolve their problems. He added his organization had been able to provide prostheses to more than a million people across the globe.

Source: Pajhwok