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Empowering women with disabilities


The purpose of this course is to financially empower women through teaching weaving and literacy, and to provide these marginalized women with disabilities the opportunity to educate and equal social participation.


The vocational training is an eight moth’s course, started in February 2014. All the women students are attending this course six days per week from morning to evening.
After completing this course all students will receive a loan from SCA which is a specific amount of money depending on person and future plans. This loan is provided to make women able to star their own business by supplying weaved products in market. The loan should be refunded to SCA in 21 months, but only after first three months.

As all other students, Tahera is looking forward to receive this loan and start her small business.
“I am dreaming to start my own business,” says Tahera. She is familiar with different vocations and after learning weaving Tahera wants to be independent, financially vise.

Tahera is also voluntary taking part in surveys conducted by RAD to find persons with disabilities. She is going door to door and recently she has introduced a young boy with disabilities to RAD program and with her guidance, now that boy can go to school.