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Deputy Foreign Minister Meets with the U.S. Congress Delegation


us-afgMay 27, 2014 Kabul

Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Ershad Ahmadi received a delegation of the U.S. Congress led by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this evening.

In this meeting both sides discussed several issues of bilateral interests including long-term and friendly relations between the two countries, ongoing arrangements for the runoff election and political power transition, achievements on economic, political and social spheres in the last twelve years. They also made emphasis on creating more favorable environment for investments in the country.

While highlighting the pessimistic narrative concerning the future of Afghanistan’s constructed by some circles as inappropriate, Mr. Ahmadi said: “Afghanistan is currently going through an important political milestone and the Afghan people with their national spirit are confident and keen to participate in the 2nd round of election. In addition, the Afghan government has taken necessary preparations for the first ever democratic and peaceful transition of power to the next government, and intended that the swearing-in ceremony for the next president will be held in glory.”

Mr. Ahmadi, appreciated the U.S. support and assistance to security, reconstruction and development sectors of Afghanistan and wished that the United States continue its overall support to Afghanistan in the future.

Ms. Bachmann then praised the achievements of the Afghan government in economic, political, social and security spheres as well as assured of the U.S. people and congress long lasting support to Afghanistan.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan