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Always ready to defend Afghans


always-ready-to-defend-1As part of enhancing their professionalism, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) conduct military exercises on regular basis. These exercises help improve battlefield tactics and coordination among different units of the armed forces.

In a recent exercise, the Afghan Air Force and the Afghan Ground Forces joined hands for the first time in Kabul, the national capital. Commandos, Special Forces, soldiers from the Afghan National Army 111 Division, the Air Force, Engineering Corps, and hundreds of infantry soldiers took part in the exercise.
According to the Afghan Ministry of Defence officials, the military exercise was aimed at raising the level of professional skills and combat capabilities of the ANA in the battlefield.
Soldiers demonstrated the use of modern military gear in the battlefield that included new armoured vehicles, tanks, mine detectors and other equipment. The Afghan Special Forces performed their skills in descending from helicopters 50 metres above the battlefield. Overall, it was a great show of coordination and cooperation among different sections of Afghan security forces.
The exercise was witnessed by high-level government officials, ministers, members of the parliament, the military leadership, and the civil society and international community representatives. The dignitaries present at the show praised the soldiers for their military prowess. always-ready-to-defend-2
The First Vice President Mohammad Yunus Qanuni and the ANA Chief of Staff, General Sher Mohammad Karimi, urged Afghan soldiers to always strive for the highest level of professionalism.
“Today, the ANA showed that they are capable of protecting the people of Afghanistan and the country’s territorial integrity. They are also capable of defending the achievements and development that we have made.”
General Sher Mohammad Karimi, talking to Sada-e Azadi, said that the armed forces are always ready to provide security and sever the people of Afghanistan.
The nation has witness the capabilities and professionalism of the ANSF during the recent presidential elections, when around seven million Afghans used their right to vote without any fear. Later, the nation organised country-wide celebrations to thank its brave soldiers and policemen.