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White House calls for fair adjudication of fraud cases


the-white-houseAmidst allegations of large-scale electoral fraud by presidential runner Dr Abdullah, the White House on Monday called for an impartial review and adjudication of all rigging claims.

"This is something that we're following pretty closely. The United States urges both sides to remain engaged with the electoral institutions and avoid violence. We would regret any moves to the contrary,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.
Earnest told reporters allegations of improper behaviour and credible complaints should be investigated through proper channels. There are established legal mechanisms for receiving, investigating and adjudicating complaints.
He called upon the electoral institutions to ensure that all allegations of fraud brought to them were given careful and impartial review and adjudication to protect the integrity of the democratic process.
"In addition, dialogue between the candidates and the electoral bodies is essential and we encourage direct discussions as soon as possible. So there is a mechanism in place for the concerns that have been raised about the integrity of the election to be adjudicated," he said.
The United States, he added, encouraged both sides and their supporters to pursue a disposition of the concerns through the well-established order, as dictated by Afghan tradition and the constitution.
"As I can personally attest, the democratic process is sometimes pretty messy. But the country will be well-served by pursuing the concerns that have been raised through the established electoral institutions," he concluded.

Source:Pajhwok news agency