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Water Points, Source of Life


drinking-waterThe foundation stone of a drinking and irrigation water intake was laid in Samangan province on August 16, 2014.

The water intake project will be constructed in Khudryan village of Khuram Sarbagh district of Samangan province at a sum of AFN two million and 300 thousand by Regional Programmes of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. The project will be completed in three months time period; the people will also make 10% contribution towards the finalization of this project.

The above mentioned 30-meter long and 3m high water intake will be constructed basically.  At the same time, 77m irrigation channel will be extended from the water intake into irrigation lands.

Upon the completion of this project 500 families will gain access to potable water. On the other hand, more than 1000 will be provided with irrigation water in the villages of Khudryan and Charsang Charbagh.