Sun, Oct

Youth group seeks new faces entry into politics


Afghan-youth-meetingThe Youth Network (YN) on Tuesday asked the national unity government to help introduce new faces in the country’s politics.

In a statement, the organisation said: “One reason for the weak political progress over the past decade has been lack of new faces in the country’s political process and their rare involvement.”
The group said youth having excellent qualification and practical experience should be given a place in policy and decision-making process on different issues.
It added the new government should benefit from skills of the youth in the country’s rehabilitation and maintaining order in society.
Abdul Ali Mohammadi, legal advisor to President Ashraf Ghani, said everyone in Afghanistan talked about women’s, children’s and youth’s rights but they lacked proper knowledge in this regard.
He said women being part of the Afghan society should preserve the right to express their views regarding the county’s development and prosperity.
Hamida Wardak, a civil society activist, said women witnessed tremendous improvement on political, social and economic fronts during the past 13 years.
She urged the national unity government to carry on policies of the past government and give women their due rights.