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‘US needs sustained aid to Afghanistan’


afg-usThe United States needs to sustain its financial and security assistance to Afghanistan to ensure lasting peace and stability in the war-torn country, a President Obama confident has said.

 “We have to sustain the investment we've made in Afghanistan. We made a commitment to help develop the Afghan national security forces. We got other countries around the world to do the same thing,” Anthony Blinken, Obama’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of State told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during his confirmation hearing.
 “Countries made commitments and pledges in Chicago and Tokyo militarily, on the financial-assistance side. Those have to be sustained,” he said.
“In fact, if you look at the assessments that have been done, our analysis and the analysis of the intelligence community, is the single most important factor in helping Afghanistan continue to move forward is sustained support from the international community,” he said.
Responding to questions from Senators, Blinken praised the new government in Afghanistan. In the absence of political accommodation, he said, it would be difficult to sustain all kinds of progress in Afghanistan.
 “Happily, at least for now, we have in the new president Ashraf Ghani, the chief executive Abdullah Abdullah, a commitment to work together inclusively to bring the country together and to give the investment that we gave in Afghanistan the chance to succeed, including the Afghan security forces.”
“We need to keep that investment going, we need to keep the financing going, and we need to support them in their efforts,” he said.
He said the US had two more years to continue in an aggressive way to help build up and develop capacity of Afghan forces.