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Afghan-US partnership set to enter new phase: Ghani


president-Ghani-with-NATO-secretary-generalPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said Afghanistan was going to open a new chapter in its relationship with the United States of America post 2015.

He expressed the views at a joint press conference with visiting US defence Secretary Chuck Hagel in Kabul after a meeting on different issues of bilateral importance.
Ghani said the International Assistance Security Force (ISAF) combat mission under United Nation Security Council (UNSC) authorization would formally come to come to a close on Dec. 31.
After an end to the NATO-led combat campaign, the president explained, Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) would be taking complete responsibility for nationwide security in a few weeks.
The secretary assured Ghani of sustained US assistance to ANSF in the future. He said the US was determined to train the ANSF and make them capable of defending their country.
Ghani stressed establishment of lasting peace in that country, saying stability was a fundamental demand of every Afghan. He believed durable peace could be ensured with the safety of society.
“For peace in the region, a stable Afghanistan and regional cooperation are important. We all believe that strong relations with world are necessary to meet challenges and ward off threats,” he remarked.
The ex-World Bank executive observed today’s world was faced with common challenges and threats that could be better tackled through collective efforts. He also promised to make use of the post-election opportunities.
The international community had been assured at the just-concluded London Conference of implementation of reforms and elimination of corruption, the president said.
He took great pains to prove that the commitments had not been held to the world under duress, insisting the country needed to make hard decisions to bring a tangible improvement to people’s living standards.