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Special Mission Wing


Special-Mission-Wing-1Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) raised their capacity in different fields of military to take complete security responsibility from NATO after 2014. Special Mission Wing 777 is an example of joint ANSF development brigade who help Afghan security commandos and special forces to launch operations in the country.

Brigadier General Abdul Fahim Ramin, commander of Special Mission Wing brigade (777) said: “Special Mission Wing (SMW) was established in 2006 and launched only counter narcotic operations at that time.  Later in 2010 it increased its mission to include day and night ANSF operations. We have 30 Mi-17 helicopters and 18 PC-12 reconnaissance planes, which have radio communication during operations with ground forces and Mi-17 Helicopters.”
“In the near future we will open a SMW battalion (Kandak) in Kandahar and Balkh provinces. With opening of these battalions, we will cover all parts of Afghanistan,” said General Ramin.
General Sher Mohammad Karimi, the Afghan National Army Chief of Staff, said: “Creating the joint Special Mission Wing is an important step towards coordination among Afghan security forces in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in the country.”Special-Mission-Wing-2
“Special Mission Wing is equipped with advanced equipment, including night vision devices, and is capable of carrying out heavy and complex operations such as counter terrorism. Night operation is very useful to destroy the enemies of peace.”
According to Gen. Ramin, the first SMW training was in the U.S. in 2006 with additional training in England, Italy, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Czech Republic.
“We have very good and close cooperation and coordination with ISAF and they are supporting us at a high level,” said Ramin. “Training is a priority for us, especially for new recruits.”
Akbar Khan Mullahkhail, one of the pilots, said: “Security is the most important issue for my country. For this reason, I come to SMW to serve for my people. I request all young people to come and join with ANSF to help keep peace and security in our beloved Afghanistan.”