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President condemns attack on deminers


Ghani-2President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Saturday strongly condemned a gun attack that killed a dozen deminers and injured half a dozen others in southern Helmand province.

attack, involving armed rebels on motorcycles, took place this noon in the Shorabak area of Washer district. The gunmen attacked employees of the Sterling Demining Afghanistan (SDA), according to local officials.

sident Ghani in a statement from the Presidential Palace strongly condemned the incident.

said killing of those extending humanitarian assistance to Afghans by putting their lives in danger and clearing roads and farm fields from landmines to enable farmers to travel on the routes and work in their fields was not pardonable under any circumstances.

He said such attacks were against all accepted human rights and Islamic principles. The enemies of Afghanistan, who did not want to see the Afghans live in peace, were behind such barbaric attacks, the president said.