Wed, Sep

UNSC backs agreement to train Afghan forces


UN-security-concileThe United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Friday stoutly supported the new agreement for NATO to advise, train, and assist Afghan security forces after its combat operations end on Dec 31, media reports Saturday.

A resolution adopted unanimously by the council welcomed the "Resolute Support" mission and underscored the importance of continued international support for the stabilisation of the situation in Afghanistan.
The resolution approved by the 15 members council condemned: the ongoing violent and terrorist activities by the Taliban, al Qaeda and other extremist groups.
The goal of the new training mission is to further enhance the capabilities of Afghan military and security forces so that they can maintain security and stability throughout the country, it said.
Zahir Tanin, Afghanistan's ambassador to UN, called the resolution an indication of support from the council and the global community for the new government and Afghan people