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Increasing ANA capabilities and independence



The ANSF has been training with ISAF in preparations for taking the lead for security at the end of this year.  ANSF is now in a position to provide strength and stability for the Afghan people. The transition has been about professional development and providing modern equipment.

Successful ANSF operations have been taking place throughout the country.  In southern Kandahar province, ANSF soldiers have shown their professionalism and bravery around many different districts.
Brigade General Syed Waqif Shah, the Chief of Staff of 205 Hero Corps of Southern Zone confirms:
“From the beginning of Afghani year till now, nearly 1,200 insurgents have been killed by the ANSF in Kandahar. Afghanistan is no place for insurgents. These enemies have two options: either join the peace or go back wherever they come from.  ANSF will not let anyone make problems for local people.”
In joint operations, ANSF troops work together effectively, with each unit bringing unique skills to support each other. The success of the operation depends on cooperation and professionalism but also on the equipment and other facilities. When speaking about equipment, General Waqif Shah points out the support from international forces.
“ISAF has provided the best training and equipment for national forces. This cooperation is still ongoing: recently we sent our soldiers to Kabul to learn to drive MRAPs and also how to repair the vehicle. MRAPs protect the passengers from mines and other explosions. This can save the lives of our soldiers. I can’t tell how happy I am to know that our brave fighters can move safely from a place to another,” General Waqif Shah says.
ANA will train over 500 soldiers to drive and operate the fleet of more than 200 MRAP vehicles, which will be distributed throughout Afghanistan. General Waqif Shah believes that MRAPs will change the shape of operations in Afghanistan and that the vehicles will decrease the mortality of ANSF soldiers.
“I want to thank our international friends for their help and support, which enabled ANSF to take the lead on maintaining the security. Now I have full trust in our national forces and I feel proud of every individual who has worked through the trainings and takes the responsibility of people’s safety. ”
By the end of this year Afghanistan National Security Forces will take charge of the complete security for the country. With the updated vehicles, equipment, and gear, ANSF is fully prepared for defending the country and its people against all enemies of Afghanistan.