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Ghani rejects report offering ministries to Taliban leaders


Ghani-1Presidential spokesman Nazifullah Salarzai on Friday rejected report as concocted that the government of national unity had offered three ministries to senior former Taliban leaders in the new cabinet.

Earlier, media reports said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani offered Taliban with three ministries including rural development, Hajj and religious affairs and border affairs. Sources said Taliban leaders who were considered to be adjusted in the new setup included Wakil Muttawakil, former Taliban’s foreign minister, Mullah Zaeef, former Taliban’s ambassador to Pakistan and Ghairat Baheer, relative of Gulbadin Hekmatyar.

Sources close to Taliban said the insurgent group had turned down the offer following inking of security pacts allowing foreign troops to remain in the country.

But Salarzai termed the reports baseless and far from reality. He did not speak on the subject in detail but simply turned down the reports. These reports emanate at a time when the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) miserably failed to achieve any breakthrough regarding naming of the new cabinet.

On Thursday, the presidential spokesman said the cabinet’s formation had reached its last stage, but a final decision was yet to be taken, pending standards set for nominations. Salarzai said he could not give an exact date for the announcement, which could come anytime.

He also did not comment on several names that were recently published in some media outlets as potential nominees.