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Powerful Afghan


afghan-generalFrom a dusty border town police chief, to commander of security forces in Kandahar, Lieutenant General Raziq Asakzai, a man of both courage and ferocity, is a modest figure with an honorable reputation throughout southern Afghanistan. He is the sheriff who puts fear into Taliban minds and keeps insurgents out of Kandahar. His rise to prominence mirrors the story of the new Afghanistan.

Since taking control of security in Kandahar, once known as one of the most dangerous provinces in the country, LTG Raziq and his men have improved the daily lives of people throughout the province.  The security forces’ unwavering commitment to protecting innocent Muslims has earned the trust and cooperation of the public who look to this man as their guardian and protector of their bright future of opportunity.
General Raziq said the public’s trust and confidence are the biggest reason for security improvements across the province.  “The good security in Kandahar is not because of me or my men, but because of people’s help and their trust of the ANSF. This is the only reason that we succeeded and now Alhamdulliah, Kandahar is safe.”
“Only three years ago, two districts of Kandahar were under the control of the Taliban for nearly eight years and they had power in some other districts as well. However, we decided our country has no place for their indiscriminate violence, so in three years we cleared all the districts of Kandahar from insurgents. We took back two districts, Mayanasheen and Ghorak, where insurgents which were hanging innocent people. Our mission is to protect the innocents and provide security, so we set out to destroy them.  Now, we have checkpoints in every possible place to choke off the insurgency,” said Lt. Gen. Raziq.
General Raziq emphasizes his orders to ANSF in Kandahar are to crush the insurgents without mercy.  “We will not leave any insurgents alive until they surrender but if they don’t surrender, we will extract a terrible price on their ranks. We will not allow them to shoot at us or innocent people, nor will we throw flowers of peace to them. They must realize our resolute determination to leave none standing to continue perpetrating their atrocities.”
The General’s approach may seem too strong for some, but his achievements prove he is the best man for the job in Kandahar. “Since I was made the Chief of Police in Kandahar, we have fought and won two districts back from the Taliban and replaced them with security forces. Our efforts have brought security to Panjwai and Zhari districts after 11 years, and most vitally, the people of those districts have trust and confidence in us to secure their way of life. For example, hundreds of youth from those districts have graduated 12th class and joined the ANP. This confidence and trust is the wellspring of security and I believe this validates our methods and is why we have peace in Kandahar.”
Throughout his province and the nation, LTG Raziq is one of the most famous Police commanders because his bravery and courage have been won on the battlefield and shown Afghanistan that a peaceful future is possible. The insurgency is quickly losing ground to brave ANSF across the country and with men like LTG Raziq showing no mercy to those who deal in violence, our belief in a safer, stronger Afghanistan becomes stronger day by day.