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The Face of Courage


the-fact-of-courage-1Taliban desperation has never been more apparent with their attempt to use a 14 year old girl for a suicide attack in Helmand province. Thankfully, the young girl from Ormoz area of Nowzad district refused the pitiful designs of the evil doers and surrendered herself to the police.

Zarmina was ordered by Taliban commanders to target both the ANSF and innocent people. She said insurgent commanders Mullah Baqi, Mullah Nazar Mohammad, Hijrat and Mullah Noor told her father to send her to detonate herself at the ANSF checkpoint, but she knew this was wrong and against the teachings of Islam.

Zarmina said, “They took me to a house in Jazi and wanted me to wear a suicide vest, but I understood that life is better than suicide, so before the planned date, I surrendered myself to police and informed them about what they were planning to do to me.”

She was told by the Taliban that other children were being prepared for suicide attack. She also explained how her attacker lied about the great rewards in heaven that awaited. Zarmina worried that Taliban commanders would infect the minds of her siblings with the same poison and lies about suicide in Islam.

Colonel Fazl Hadi, the 2nd Battalion commander of the Public Order Police and second in Nowzad, condemned the shameful exploitation of a youth by insurgents to commit haram suicide attacks. “Our people should see what Taliban are doing in Afghanistan. Sending innocents to their death shows desperation. I want to thank the public for their information and assistance in preventing a tragedy.”the-fact-of-courage-2

Saeed Mosawi, a religious leader in Lashkar Gah, also condemned the possible suicide attack and said, “Islam instructs its followers to rescue the life of the people and show them the real way of humanitarian life, not to encourage them towards suicide operations and killing the innocent people of this country.”

“The Taliban must understand that their fight is over. They must join the peace process, renounce violence and absolutely cease any exploitation of children for nefarious purposes.”

Haji Nasim, a local elder of Nowzad district, also spoke strongly against the Taliban for attempting to commit such atrocities. “The Taliban have delivered no joy to us in the many years of their fighting the government. They place IEDs that destroy innocent families. Attempting to send a young girl to her death demonstrates they can never achieve their goals. They need to give up because we are all supporters of this government and ANSF.”