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Radio broadcasts a useless propaganda: MoI

sediq-sediqiReacting to reports about anti-Afghanistan radio broadcasts across the border in Pakistan, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Sunday said it was a useless propaganda campaign of insurgents to influence people’s mind.
Speaking to journalists in Kabul, MoI spokesperson Siddique Siddiqui said they had received reports about radio broadcasts heard in south and southeastern parts of the country and they were trying to take them off the air.
He added insurgents were using all forms of propaganda measures to influence the masses, but security forces had the ability to deal with all challenges.
His remarks come after Logar officials said the frequency range of some radios across the border increased in Charkh district after Taliban established a transmitter they had brought from Pakistan to an unknown location.
Charkh district chief told Pajhwok Afghan News: “They insult our security forces through these radios and they try to lure the youth into joining Taliban ranks.”
Last week, a group of armed men claiming allegiance to the ISIS had prevented residents of Charkh from watching television.
But MoI spokesperson denied the existence of ISIS fighters in the country and called it a false propaganda. He urged media outlets to avoid circulating such reports. “No group or individual can challenge our security.”
In over 79 operations across the country last week, as many as 89 insurgents have been killed and 90 more detained, Siddiqui said.
He also denied media reports that said some police officials had been detained for cooperating with militants and kidnappers in Kunduz province. “Nobody has been fired or detained.”
Kunduz Governor Mohammad Omar Safi on Saturday said at least 12 policemen had been detained for allegedly cooperating with insurgents and kidnappers.