Wed, Sep

President Ghani Calls Indian Prime Minister Modi


president-ghani-callsAfghan President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke by telephone this week in order to discuss a number of issues pertaining to bilateral relations and Ghani's plans for a visit to New Delhi.

Although ties with India have faced pressure at times on account of Pakistan's longstanding involvement in Afghan political affairs, analysts say Ghani's upcoming trip to India, and the potential for a broader horizon of cooperation, mark a critical opportunity to cement the South Asian neighbor as a strategic partner.

"I believe that the new policies pursued by the national unity government are in fact comprehensive and logical policies," political analyst Mohammad Natiqi told. "With regard to India and Pakistan, it seems like the government wants to keep a balance in its ties with these two countries, the interests of Afghanistan demand friendly relations with both countries."

Still, commentators agree that officials are genuine when they say cooperation and the advancement of ties with India is in the best interest of Afghanistan.