Tue, Sep

Ulumi pledges reforms to cut police death toll


ulomi-visites-anp-patientsInterior Minister on Saturday assured to introduce tangible reforms in the police forces aimed at decreasing fatality rate among the force.

During his visit to inquire about the health of wounded police officers at Kabul Police Hospital, Nuru-ul-Haq Ulumi said the ministry had provided all possible facilities for the treatmentof policemen.

“We have treatment facilities inside the country for police. We have requested international community to extend further assistance in this regard,” he said.

He added that Afghan National Police (ANP) had asked the international community to provide them with advanced training to improve their performance.

Police losses could be avoided if they received professional training and equipped with advanced weapons, Ulumi said.

He assured to build capacity and bring reforms to police and intelligence forces which would help decline their casualties.