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Ghani Receives Leadership Award From Atlantic Council


president-ghani-4President Ashraf Ghani has ‎received the highest honor from the Atlantic Council, the "Distinguished Leadership Award" in a special ceremony co-hosted by the council and the United States Institute of Peace.

Ghani was the first South Asia leader to receive the award which was presented on 25 march by‎ former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in the presence of ‎top NATO leaders and the ambassadors of alliance countries.

‎"What President Ghani has done in less than six months is transformative‎," said Albright who is an honorary director of Atlantic Council.

Ghani, who also addressed a joint meeting of the congress earlier in the day, once again touched on the peace issue during the award presenting ceremony where he insisted on peaceful relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"The problem, fundamentally, is not about peace with the Taliban [but] about peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan," said Ghani, adding that Pakistani officials have "accepted this definition of the problem. That's the breakthrough."

President Ashraf Ghani was the first South Asia leader to receive the award, which has been presented previously to President George H.W. Bush, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister Tony Blair and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.