Tue, Sep

Afghanistan faces no dearth of forces


203-thunder-corpsA top commander at the Kabul Military Training Centre (KMTC), Col. Mohammad Amin Wahidi, on Sunday said there would not be a dearth of trained army soldiers in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of 526 junior Afghan National Army (ANA) officers, Col. Wahidi said that the KMTC as the country's largest academy had the capacity to train more than 13,000 soldiers per batch.

He said the academy had been training soldiers and developing their capacities over the past 13 years for the country’s defence and the recruitment process was ongoing.

Besides recruiting and training new and junior military officers, Afghan instructors had been striving hard to further improve the capacity of senior officers so that they become more proficient.

The commander said Afghanistan faced no shortage of forces, Currently, around 8,000 soldiers were being trained at the KMA and hundreds more at other academies across the country.

He informed the on-service ANA lieutenants had undergone a four-month professional training after the completion of physical military exercises. Today’s graduates would join different brigades across the country for service, he added.

Qudratullah, a graduate soldier, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “We are ready to fight the enemy, thwart their nefarious designs and eliminate elements who are against peace and stability in Afghanistan.