Tue, Sep

Ghani throws weight behind press freedom


president-ghani-6President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday said he supported the independent media and urged media organisations to protect national interest while discharging their responsibilities and give no chance to anti-state elements to spread their divisive propaganda.

In his message on the World Press Freedom Day, the president said media was an integral part of the state and the government was responsible to protect and strengthen the sector.

He was happy that media enjoyed more freedom and independence in Afghanistan than other countries in the region.

The president said journalists had been discharging their duties in dangerous and life-threatening environment in Afghanistan, a country on the frontline of the war against global terrorism.

The government, he said, was making every effort to protect and honour journalists because it was their right and the government would continue doing so.

Ghani said media would be provided access to information in a legal framework. He asked journalists to play a patriotic role in the current circumstances and do not allow the enemy to mislead the masses through media outlets.