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The Courage to Affirm Peace


joining-peace-process-1Holy Islam provides the lessons of peace and orders people to prefer peace during times of disputes and war. Recently, 16 fighters from two militant groups finally chose to obey the lessons of Holy Islam and announced peace with the Islamic Government of Afghanistan in eastern Nangarhar province.

According to the Provincial Peace Committee, the groups were carrying out armed opposition in Ghanikheil, Mohmandara and Nazyan districts for the past several years.

During the reintegration ceremony, the Head of the Provincial Peace Committee of Nangarhar, Hajji Malak Nazir, explained that local tribal elders, religious clerics, security forces and local government administration all cooperated to encourage militants to cease their armed opposition.

He said, “These 16 men laid down their weapons and regretted their past deeds against the government and our people. We welcome them to the true ways of Islam.”

Hajji Malak Nazir said negotiations and communications with numerous militant groups are ongoing so the prospects for peace act as a light to lead the men lost to militancy back to the path of peace. “We are in touch with many groups of militants.

We call upon them to prove bravery and return to their communities. They should see the ex-militants who are now living a peaceful life. We will assist them with the transition home and provide training. All they must do is lay down their weapons.

Hajji Malak Nazir remarked, “It is the goal of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to provide peaceful conditions and essential services for all of it’s people.”

Former insurgent commander Roghigul said, “I created misery for my people in Afghanistan. I was getting orders from superiors to destroy my country and keep my country in war. Now, I want to redeem myself for my past faults, so I stopped fighting.” joining-peace-process-2

He added, “When I was in opposition, I felt myself separated from my community and alone. Therefore, I appreciate each person who encouraged me to get out of the darkness and desperation and I promise to work for my homeland.”

Ex-militant commander Khalid optimistically described his future plans, “I will take care of my family. In order to perform my responsibility toward my children as a father, I want them to get an education so they can make positive contributions to the people and society who have forgiven the misdeeds of their father.”

Mr. Khalid praised the ongoing efforts of government for peace. He said, “We gained absolutely nothing by fighting for the past decade. Now, the doors of reintegration are open, so we still have chance to get together and work for the development of our country. It is my message to the Taliban leadership; ‘If you continue terrorism against the people of Afghanistan, you will be the black mark of history. If you have any dispute with the elected government, come and sit at the negotiation table. By killing innocents and destroying roads, bridges and other infrastructure, you will get nothing except hate. Your time in history has passed.”

A resident of Nazyan district, 30-year-old Shah Mahmood, expressed happiness when he learned of the names of the militant commanders who joined the government. He said, “They were very famous militant commanders. Now, I am optimistic that security will improve after Roghigul and Khalid affirmed their peace with government. May Almighty Allah guide other armed militants to follow them.”