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Wolesi Jirga ratifies Afghanistan-Turkey deal


voting-parliamentThe Wolesi Jirga or lower house of parliament on Monday approved a draft law on foreign residents and a bilateral friendship and strategic cooperation agreement Afghanistan had signed with Turkey.

Likewise, a law draft on protection and quarantine of plants was presented before the house by Justice Minister Abdul Basir Anwar.

First the cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Turkey was presented before the session by Dr. Abdul Qayum Sajjadi, a member of the international relations commission.

He said the agreement had been signed by presidents of the two countries in Kabul last year and was aimed at strengthening friendship and cooperation in areas of security, economy and social development.

The accord also concerned environment protection, sports, business, agriculture and livestock, industries, transport, rural development, education and issues related to science and youth, he said.

He said the agreement with a preface and 17 articles had been prepared in Dari, Pashto, English and Turkish languages. All 136 lawmakers present voted in favour of the accord.

Sajjadi also presented a draft law on stay of foreign nationals in Afghanistan in seven chapters and 72 articles.

He said issues like regulation of foreign residents, travelling conditions and dealing with foreign citizens were part of the measure. The draft was approved with 134 votes from the MPs present.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Abdul Basir Anwar presented a draft law on protection of plants in seven chapters and 41 articles.

He said the plant protection law existed, but it could not meet the needs since Afghanistan had joined the World Trade Organization and the draft had been prepared in line with the Ministry of Agriculture’s demands and WTO principles.

He said the law would help Afghanistan improve plants, environment, plant quarantine services and prevention of pests.

Agricultural equipment needed to improve sustainable livelihood would be provided under the law and would enable Afghanistan to follow international conventions, he said, urging the lower house to approve it as soon as possible.