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Ghani And Sharif Vow To Work Together To Restore Peace


president-Ghani-with-Nawaz-SharifAt a joint press conference in Kabul on Tuesday President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced that both countries will work together to restore peace.

President Ghani said that "the war is being imposed on both Afghanistan and Pakistan and they (the two countries) need to work together to bring peace." Ghani said: "Pakistan's enemies and Afghanistan's enemies are the same."

Ghani pointed out that there is no 'good or bad' terrorist and acknowledged the international community for understanding Afghanistan's right to work towards attaining peace.

He also said that "Afghanistan and Pakistan are both located in key areas in the central Asian region."

The Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif says he and Ghani agreed today that peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan was in the best interests of both countries.

Sharif assured Ghani that "no enemy of Afghanistan can be a friend of Pakistan," and added that both parties have agreed to not interfere in the internal affairs of the respective countries."

He emphasized that Pakistan will support any action taken regarding regional integration.

Sharif reaffirmed his commitment to supporting Afghanistan in its endeavors to achieve peace.

Sharif and other high-ranking officials arrived in Kabul Tuesday morning and met with the CEO Abdullah Abdullah and other officials of Afghanistan's National Unity Government.

On Monday, Pakistan said in an official statement that "building close cooperative relations with Afghanistan is a high priority in Pakistan's foreign policy and a vital component of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's vision of a peaceful neighborhood."

The embassy said the prime minister's visit takes place at a time when bilateral relations between the two countries are underpinned by unprecedented warmth, mutual trust and a shared vision of working in lockstep to build a peaceful and stable region.

This PM Sharif's second visit to Afghanistan and the first after the installation of National Unity Government in Kabul. Earlier, the Prime Minister visited Afghanistan on 30 November 2013.