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NATO welcomes Pak-Afghan rapprochement


ismail-aramaz-nato-senior-civilian-representative-for-afghanistanNATO welcomed rapprochement between Afghanistan and Pakistan and intensified bilateral talks and delegation level visits between the two neighboring countries.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited Islamabad and Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Chief of Army staff visited Afghanistan just recently.

Ismail Aramaz, NATO Senior civilian representative for Afghanistan, welcomed dialogues between Kabul and Islamabad and called for practical steps to stabilize bilateral ties. He also praised President Ashraf Ghani’s move to build cordial relations with Pakistan.

Talking to Afghan media, Armaz hoped the talks would yield tangible outcome in near future and both countries would be able to resolve their issues amicably. NATO extended complete support to the unity government and Afghan should take responsibility of security of their state, Armaz emphasized.

Referring to future NATO cooperation with Afghanistan, Ambassador Aramaz said that NATO would work in consultations with Afghanistan on the planning for the estalishment of its future presence." NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference that they agreed to maintain a presence in Afghanistan even after the end of the current training mission.

He said the new mission would be civilian-led and would include both soldiers and civilians to give advices to Afghan security bodies.

He said the new mission was expected to be smaller than the current 12,000-strong training operation. To a question, Armaz said NATO countries would discuss the modalities of future cooperation with Afghanistan, in close consultation with the Afghan authorities.