Mon, Sep

Wolesi Jirga ratifies amended Acting Law


wolsei-jirga-yes-voteThe Wolesi Jirga or lower house of parliament on Saturday approved a set of amendments to the Acting Law banning government officials from duty in acting capacity beyond two months.

Asadullah Sadati, a member of the central investigation commission, said the government had sent the amendment bill to the lower house three months ago.

He said the bill was on Saturday tabled in the house for approval after being debated and bringing changes to some clauses by the joint commission.

He said earlier individuals who received the trust vote from the house were bound by the law not to perform duty in acting capacity beyond a period of two months, but the amended version banned all government officials from working in acting capacity beyond that period.

Under the Constitution, the attorney general, the central bank governor, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief and the Red Crescent society head should be granted a trust vote after their nomination by the president.

Sadati said earlier the law on acting officials had problems, but the amended version allowed an acting minister (after rejected by the parliament) to perform duty in acting capacity until his/her replacement was introduced and approved by the parliament

He said the law gave no specific timeframe for acting ministers, but the government was bound to introduce replacement of rejected nominees within 10 days and that all panels of the house had agreed to the amendment package.

A majority of lawmakers, who attended the session, voted in favour the amendments.