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Afghan forces subdue rebels on their own: Campbell


abdullah-meeting-with-gen.compbellNATO top commander in Afghanistan Gen. John Campbell on Sunday said the Afghan security forces had subdued insurgents in very corner of Afghanistan on their own and the latest operations showed their extraordinary capability.

The Resolute Support commander was talking to Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah during a meeting with him at his office in Kabul, a statement from the CEO office said. Gen.

Campbell added that foreign troops continued their mission to train and advice Afghan security forces, who he believed had the required ability to subdue the insurgents. Abdullah praised sacrifices rendered by the Afghan forces in line of duty, calling them the real guard of the country’s soil.

The CEO said the Afghan forces had for years fought the opponents and killed a large number of terrorists who resorted to violence and created insecurity.

Calling as crucial latest security operations in various parts of the country, Abdullah said the operations should be further extended to target safe havens of militants in the entire country. He said the unity government was trying to strengthen Afghan forces from training and equipment perspective in order they could face all challenges.