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Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development presents the 100-day Action Plan to the People


mrrd-minister-eng-nasir-duraniRemarks by Minister Durrani
In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
Honorable fellow citizens,
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

As the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I am proud and delighted to submit our 100-day Action Plan to the people.
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) works to eliminate poverty, improve the rural people’s socio-economic situation and bring about changes in the living standards of rural communities. Over the years, the Ministry of Rural of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has been able to provide support to many people across Afghanistan.
Taking into consideration its scope of work, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development is committed to deliver activities in the following areas:
• Strengthen local governance and deliver socio-economic services in the rural communities.
• Develop and gain the trust of the private sector and provide rural communities with employment opportunities.
• Expand service delivery to support a sustainable economy and increase rural development.
• Bring about positive changes in the socio-economic situation of women and children.
• Take an active part in risk reduction for natural disasters.
• Support the development of the Citizens Charter which will commit the Government to provide specific services to Afghan citizens.
• Provide safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education.
• Support the preparation of a draft CDC law, in coordination with relevant institutions.
I would also like to present some information about the progress and achievements made by the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development in the last 13 years.
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has disbursed USD 1,624,257,208 in block grants to rural communities for the implementation of 75,221development projects across the country, through the National Solidarity Program.
Since I have been elected as the Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, I have focused on and delivered the following:
• Maintained strong relations with donors.
• Started the integration process of parallel support functions within the MRRD.
• Started the consolidation of MRRD’s national programs.
• Prepared the new vision of the MRRD.
• Taken anti-corruption measures (e.g. integration of procurement and simplification of administrative processes).
• Official visits to some provinces to talk to rural communities and respond to their needs.
• Provided support for the communities in response to natural disasters through NRAP and the distribution of tents and blankets.
• Active participation in the initial design and development of a National Priority Program for “Increasing Agricultural Products and Marketing”.
Over the last 3.5 months, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has achieved the following:
3,274 development projects have been completed at a sum of AFN 4.9 billion in the following sectors:
• Water Supply: 825 Projects
• Irrigation: 729 Projects
• Rural Energy: 144 Projects
• Transportation: 1090 Projects
• Education: 90 Projects
• Community Centers: 396
In addition, contracts for 189 development projects are signed at a budget of AFN 833,341,000 thousand in the following areas:
1. Water Supply: 5 projects
2. Irrigation: 93 projects
3. Transportation: 91 projects
Fellow countrymen, I now would like to submit MRRD’s 100-day Action Plan to the people. MRRD plans to achieve the following in these four areas:
1. Local Governance
• Creation of 280 Community Development Councils and preparation of 280 Community Development Plans.
• Transfer block grants to the bank accounts of 700 CDCs.
• Hold a National Conference of Community Development Councils.

2. Rural Economic Development
• Strengthen 910 saving groups and creation of 70 loan associations.
• Empower 280 local products groups, including Nomad Enterprises.
• Strengthen value chain and development under the process of “one district one product”.
• Provide technical support to 21 loan associations in order to pave the ground for further investment opportunities.
• Strengthen 175 small and medium enterprises.

3. Rural Infrastructure Development
• Implement 1,310 infrastructure projects – providing 1,120,000 labor days and benefiting approximately three million rural residents.
• It is to be noted that the total budget for the activities that will be performed in these hundred days will be AFN 4.2 billion.

4. Administrative Strengthening and Development
• Commence the reform and integration process of the support functions in MRRD, including the HR, Finance and Procurement sections of the national programs with the relevant departments of the MRRD.
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development requests the rural communities to provide comprehensive support to the MRRD in all areas, in particular:
The MRRD asks the rural communities to help with its monitoring of development activities.
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development appreciates the active participation of Media and Civil Society with the quality control of development projects.
The MRRD promotes transparency and accountability in all its activities, providing information on Ministry’s Website and other social networks.
The MRRD hopes that the people will take ownership of its development projects and will help the MRRD in the maintenance of projects.
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development wants the rural residents to maximise the socio-economic opportunities that are provided and prevent poppy cultivation on their lands. Thank You