Tue, Sep

Meshrano Jirga approves amended Acting Law


The Mesharano Jirga or Senate on Sunday approved fresh amendments to the Acting Law, binding acting officials to obtain a trust vote from the lower house before joining office.

The upper house law commission presented the amended bill before the house for approval in one chapter and eight articles.

Maulvi Muhiuddin Munsif, the panel head, said the changes had been approved by the Wolsi Jirga after landing there in February. He said the lower house had sent the amended version for approval to the Senate.

He added the main purpose behind the changes was to ensure speedy execution of government affairs and improved coordination between government institutions.

The amended bill covered all central government institutions, including judicial and parliamentary departments, their secretariats, independent commissions, provinces and foreign missions.

Munsif said the amended bill barred officials from work in acting capacity beyond two months. In case of dismissal, demise or failure to get the trust vote from the Wolesi Jirga, the president could appoint eligible individual as minister, he said.

Ministers-designate could discharge duty as acting ministers in case they failed to get the trust vote from the lower house until their replacements were introduced to the lower house.

Ministers-designate, attorney general, the central bank head, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) director and the Afghan Red Crescent Society chief are required by the Constitution to obtain a vote of confidence form the lower house after being picked by the president.

Earlier, the lower house took the stance that introduction of acting officials for trust vote was not important, but the upper house maintained it was necessary. Munsif said under amended law, the president was bound to introduce an official to the lower house for approval to head a ministry if a cabinet pick was rejected by lawmakers. Of the 54 lawmakers present, 53 approved the amended bill.