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Afghan-US partnership vital for world peace: Khalil


hikmat-khalil-karzaiDeputy foreign minister Hikmat Khalil Karzai on Monday said strong bilateral relations between Afghanistan and the United States were vital for regional and international peace, security and stability.

 He was speaking at a ceremony marking the 239th Independent Day of the USA on behalf of the Afghanistan government.

 Khalil Karzai congratulated the American people and said the fourth of July was a day of celebrations and jubilation for the American people to commemorate their achievements and sacrifices and reiterate their resolve for a better America.

 Afghanistan valued its relations with the USA dating back to 1921, Karzai said, adding the 9/11 incident showed both the countries faced the same enemy which required a unified campaign. The deputy foreign minister said Afghan-US partnership was vital for regional and international peace and stability.

 He said Afghanistan with the US help had achieved huge targets such as the transfer of security to Afghan forces and the conduct of elections that saw the political power peacefully transferred to one elected civilian government from another elected government.

 He praised scarifies of US and Afghan forces during the past 13 years in the war against terrorism and said there was a common objective behind these scarifies. - See more at: