Tue, Sep

Minister vows better executive-legislative ties


minister-in-parliamentary-affairs-ghulam-nabi-farahiParliamentary Affairs Minister Ghulam Nabi Farahi on Tuesday said maintaining good relations between the executive and the legislative branches would be his priority during the next 100 days.

Explaining his three-month plan to the media in Kabul, the minister said he would strive to improve efficiency and capacity of the ministry’s employees.

Farahi said the law on summoning ministers would be made more effective in terms of its implementation to help improve relations between the three main pillars of the state --- the executive, the legislative and the judiciary.

He said respect for parliament and its members would be increased and their legislations would not be considered ordinary documents but enforced.

Farahi said the demands and suggestions from both houses of parliament would be quickly transferred to the president.

The president has ordered all ministers to brief people through media about their 100-day working plans already approved by the president.