Mon, Sep

New Afghan Parliament Building to be Completed in Six Months


afghan-parliament-new-buildingThe construction site of the new building that will house Afghanistan's Parliament was visited by Minister of Urban Development Affairs Sayid Sadat Naderi, India's Ambassador to Kabul Amar Sinha and a number of other high-ranking officials on Sunday.

Naderi, while expressing gratitude to India for its assistance in financing the construction, said work on the new building is progressing well and will be completed within the next six months.

"This building is one of the best parliament compounds in the world, based on quality," Naderi said. "This building has no deficit and is awarded with all standards."

Meanwhile, The Indian Ambassador, Amar Sinha, said the building would remain an enduring symbol of Afghanistan and India's friendship. "This will remain a great symbol of India-Afghanistan friendship for at least a hundred years, if not more," Ambassador Sinha said. "The good thing about this is that this is a real production of India and Afghanistan together."

Ghulam Nabi Farahi, the State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, also touted the building as a major step in cementing ties between the two countries. "Friendship with Afghans is never without benefit; any country that helps Afghanistan in such a situation, will remain forever in history," he said.

The new building for Afghanistan's parliament is located near the Dar-ul-Aman Palace on a plot of 46 hectares of land. India has provided 220 million USD for the construction.