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Social media powerful tool to expose corrupt officials: NAI


socialmediaSocial media users have an effective role in revealing the officials mired in corruption, trampling laws, NAI executive director said on Sunday.

Abdul Mujib Khalwatgar, executive director of NAI-supporting open media in Afghanistan, expressed these views at a ceremony arranged to mark the Social Media Week.

Three years earlier, NAI announced the last week of July as social media week in Afghanistan.

NAI officials said this was the fourth time they were celebrating the social media week under the slogan of “differences of opinion in social media do not mean animosity.”

He hoped social media week would formally be incorporated in formal calendar.

According to Khalwatgar, more than 1.3 million Afghans had access to social media and the figures were on the rise on daily basis.

“Social media has found its way in Afghanistan and has effective role in accountability, education, entertainment, reflecting the truth, fighting graft, citizen journalism, etc,” said NAI executive head.

“Social media is an outcome of modernization. Geography and place has lost its relevance in it and people from far-away areas can exchange ideas and views,” he continued.

Saeeda Muzhgan Mustafawi, deputy information and culture minister, said social media had a huge impact on lives of people and could be used as a good tool to pressure the government and irresponsible officials.

“The geographical boundaries have become irrelevant and through social media we can actually connect to people everywhere,” she added.

Expressing concerns about distribution of violent and graphic pictures and videos through social media, she said it had bad impact on society.